Welcome on MEME.PAL

MEME.PAL is a brand based on pixel art designs .....by JOYBOY.

MEME.PAL NFT, the official Meme.pal NFT collection, is a collection of 5000 handmade pixel BONE FRIENDS. The images are pixels and feature attributes, colors, and themes from Art work. The collection contains different signature themes, or color palettes, which dictate the mood and character of each type of MEME.PAL. JOYBOY has hand-selected each PAL in the collection from over 1,000 traits.

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The Roadmap



1. NFT Design and Generation

The MEME.PAL are sliding onto the blockchain, and they’re about to hit it out of the park. Our designs feature a series of X traits, and combine to create 5000 completely unique NFTs.

2. Twitter and Discord Launch

This creative collection of NFTs is inspired by your favorite PAL. If you’d like to get involved, getting your name on the Access List could be as simple as joining our Discord, or getting involved in the conversation on Twitter.

3. Pre-mint Giveaways

Giveaways just make any experience a little bit better, so to kick things off with a mighty swing, we’ll be giving away NFTs and Access List spots on our buildup to mint. This is our way of rewarding our early supporters for their vote of confidence.


4. Website Development

Want to see how it all comes together? Our website will be the center of our show, and provide you with everything you need to know about the MEME.PAL. As well as being informative, it’ll also act as a presentation of our purpose, and a user-friendly minting dApp.


5. Pre-sale & Public Mint

Our minting process starts with a pre-sale, made available to members of our community that have sild their way to the Access List. This pre-sale will last for 24 hours, offering favorable mint opportunities to our earliest supporters.


6. Charitable Donations

We’ll be donating 20% of our mint, as well as a further 2% of secondary market royalties to a deserving charity. We’ll be supporting to create social media (JOY KID), as a way to provide on-brand support to a worthy cause.

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